Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Dappled Birch" 12" x 12" oil

My painting class spent a glorious day outside a few weeks ago at a garden center.  The plan was to be outside, focusing on bare trees in the landscape.  The day was very overcast, so we headed for the garden center with some color among the grays.  Turns out, the sun broke through and we had a glorious day of very uncharacteristic 70 degree weather in mid-March.  That was then, this is now... back to typical New England spring, lovely pale greens, yellows, pinks, and the temperatures hovering in the 48 - 54 degree range... right on the cusp of taking a group outside, who are unaccustomed to painting while chilly.  I'm on the hunt for sheltered sun this week, ideally, protected from the wind, sun warming the location. Oh, and cue the sinewy shadows cast by as yet leafless branches.  Friday promises to be a lovely, albeit chilly day, and we will be outside. "Dappled Birch" is from a friend's back yard in a different spring.  Think I'll give her a call this morning to see if her yard is available later this week!

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