Saturday, May 21, 2016

"Cross Street - Clarendon" watercolor & ink 9 x 12

 A few weeks ago, I was painting in Boston with a friend. We parked ourselves at the intersection of Newbury and Clarendon.  It was  a gorgeous, sunny day at the end of April, and the streets were packed.  I love drawing the city, adding pedestrians who catch my eye.  The result shows sidewalks more busy than they actually were in any given moment, but you can feel the motion, the busyness; in this case with faces turned toward the sun after a long, not necessarily harsh, but certainly gray, winter.  

You can see my sketches and the beginning of color into the painting in a former blog post (link here).  Usually, I do the drawing outside, and sometimes begin adding color, but more often, I add the color from my head.  I remember the angle of the sun, and add the colors and value that work in the scene. I'm happy with the outcome, and looking forward to my next urban painting day.  

Meanwhile, you can see this painting, and two others of mine, on Memorial Day Weekend at the North River Arts Festival in Marshfield, MA.  The juried art and sculpture show is fantastic each year, and this year will be no exception.  I coordinate the jury day, so get a preview of the accepted work.  Hoping to see you on the street, Sat or Sun.  Come say "Hi".  I'll be painting outside both days, 10 - 5pm. 


  1. this is so SLAM BANGIN' !!!
    I love it!

    1. Thanks, Mary! That's big praise from you. I loved being out on the street painting.