Sunday, February 21, 2016

"Weekend Escape" 16 X 12 oil on board

"Weekend Escape"  oil 16 x 12
A few years ago we spent a weekend with artist friends at Gabriel's  in Provincetown, MA.  There were about 15 of us.  We painted, hung out, and were given kitchen privileges so we cooked a big potluck dinner.  Great weekend, and a great collection of suites in a few adjacent buildings.  I've always loved this image from the weekend.  Provincetown is an interesting place where cars, pedestrians, bikes can all share the narrow streets cooperatively.  Lots of activity, and everywhere you look is a possible painting.

This is the finished painting that I posted (in process) as part of my painting group's Golden Ratio challenge last month.  You can see the earlier painting here along with several photos of my process and a discussion of the Golden Ratio and how it applies to design.  

Thanks for looking. 

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