Monday, December 08, 2014

Paintings in Place

Lemons, apples, and onions
Winter Garden by the tree
 A few of my paintings hanging in their new-ish homes.  Nice to see them together here again.  I keep a database of all my paintings, who owns them, and when and where they have been exhibited.  It's an interesting history of my journey through painting so far. There are a few that have gotten away, either through a gallery, or an "art in the barn" sale, and the one small boat that I placed on the roof of my car for just a minute.  I imagine it now lives on the wall of someone's happy home, though in reality, it may have disintegrated in a ditch not far from my home. Sigh.
"Garlic and Oil" over the mantle
Do you have an organized,  efficient way to keep track of your work?  I'd be interested to know about it.
Thanks in advance for sharing.

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  1. I tried to do this same thing with my own collection of art. It started out well but I managed to not stay on top of it. Love seeing your art hanging in its homes!