Monday, July 09, 2012

Monhegan Sketchbook 2012

Here are a few more sketches from this past week on Monhegan Island.  The top two are from different chairs on our rental's deck.  First is looking west over the Trailing Yew to the Manana and the mainland, the latter being 12 miles away.

Next is a quicker sketch from the north end of the deck looking over the village and the Island Inn out to Allen Island.  

Last are a few gestures of local gulls.  They are plentiful and vocal.  The island is so narrow, you can watch them fly from the cliffs on the east, to the village on the west in a few seconds.  I love their sounds and plaintive cries.
We treat them each Friday after our traditional lobster feast. The children (now teens) deliver the buckets back to the steps of the fish market after emptying them of lobster detritus past the jetty and giving them a quick rinse.  Gull heaven.  The island is just plain heaven to me.  Thanks for looking.


  1. These are great sketches Jody. Sketches like these are what I first loved about art when I was little...seeing an image translated to line, uncomplicated imagery with the ability to transport. (as in, "hey I can do something like this?!")

  2. your sketches are fabulous. I agree with Paula about the attraction to the line drawing.

  3. Beautiful sketches. They really show your drawing skills. Love them!