Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Quiet Corner" oil 12 x 8

Humarock Beach Sands End This is the main intersection at Humarock Beach, bustling in the summer with a cafe, ice cream window, and that great type of convenience store with the worn plank floors and beach necessities next to the day's newspapers, wine, and a packed bulletin board.  I like painting "through", and am drawn to architecture that offers that option, sometimes through windows, sometimes through a skyline, sometimes through a porch... double-decker porch?  Bonus.

A few weeks ago, I took my painting class down by the local beach.  We met in the parking lot, spoke briefly about a plan for the morning, but I could see they were itching to disperse, to discover their own subjects and to dig in.  Usually, we try to stay within a reasonable distance so that I can circulate and paint as well.  This was a not that kind of day. Have you ever dropped marbles onto the floor?

We met at the end of class for a critique.  Everyone had terrific results, and an interesting variety of subject matter. And, one of my thoughtful students surprised me with a bowl of chowder from the cafe, which hit the spot, as it was pretty blustery.  Nice day.


  1. It's almost like you want to make a big string with knots in it and have everyone grab a knot and hold on while they find a place to paint - you could just follow the string to find them! Also, John Singer Sargent was apparently known for not searching 'to death' for a subject to paint... the subject is usually right in front of you - just see it well and paint it well....

    nice painting!