Monday, February 27, 2012

"Winter Garden" 12 x 12 oil

Here is my finished painting from the Boston Public Garden the other day. Interestingly, you can see how much the painting changed in the studio from my block in outside (see last post).  I wanted to keep the sense of an oasis in the city and was challenged by the mass of trees mid-ground.  My goal was to keep them in the middle, with the silhouette of the steeple beyond along with a hint of city buildings.

  I brought the painting home, did some reading, some research, and some thinking.. and pushed the church way back in value and color, diminishing its size as well; and built the tree masses with some very slight shifts in the sky holes closest to the branches to convey thinner branch masses.  I added the warmer trunks to the left, a little closer, to convey more depth in the middle ground.  Again, it was a great day... looking forward to the next sojourn.


  1. I like it better, especially how you pushed the church further back into the sky, almost. The change focuses my attention on the bridge.

  2. Great post. I love to read your thoughts on arranging and adjusting elements--and how interesting to compare the two. Really lovely work.

  3. I love the wintry atmosphere and the way the lights glow!